Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Civilian Skateboard X The Witnes

I recently picked up some decks that I designed for CIVILIAN SKATEBOARD CO.
the first series i designed was a global warming theme, and the next series was themed Yo GabbaGabba meets vintage WWF.
i rocked out the KAMALA, THe Ultimate Warrior, Snuka, and of champ the Hulkster.

check out their website.. these boards are made in very limited quantities.
The Witnes AWR



  1. hello men im kliek from mexico of the vew crew i met you in the just writing my name this is owr blog chek it and i send you saludos jeje merry christmast i want to stay in contact with you pleace do you remember me let me known ok have a good day kliek vew crew mexico city

    smoke in a bong is really good peace

  2. Love the decks, love the carpet...

    Thanks again for letting me spend some of the holiday with P-lo and you good sir. It was an absolute pleasure and treat. Have a blast in Cabo, can't wait to see you in '10.